“KRAZY RACE” is a LA County (Whittier) native who has been a staple in the underground & independent Hip-Hop movement for years. “He’s rocked shows across the globe & captivates the audience with energy & talent.”

Krazy Race has released 6 studio Albums, 2 Mixtapes, & 1 EP since 1999 and has been featured on numerous compilation CD’s, mixtapes & featured on albums from all over the world. His discography for features has accumulated to over 30+ projects.

He has done International Shows in Spain & Japan and has performed in New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, Portland, Los Angeles & more cities. He’s rocked over 200+ shows in his career with KRS-One, The Beatnuts, M.O.P, The Psycho Realm, Boot Camp Clik, Ice Cube, Kurupt, DMX, Tierra, Planet Asia, Ras Kass, Kid Frost & more.

He’s also been featured & interviewed on TV Networks like Mun2, LATV, KCal, ABC, SiTV & more. Krazy Race has Classic Songs with Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples, Chino XL, Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, Kid Frost, Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill, I-Man from Tha Mexakinz,, KAM, Quinto Sol, 2Mex, Bambu, & many more.

Krazy Race is also the owner of Realizm Rekords, Realizm Street Wear, Realizm Photo & Film & has also been a radio show host for “The Relevance” for over 7 years.

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